“Wow! That’s where I’ll start. Having tried most diets under the sun for the past however many years, and knowing full well they are all fad diets, all working at the time, but not long term. I knew that it was a full lifestyle change, but more of a mental change. When I put my mind to it, I can do it, but then a few weeks and a few pounds down, something would always slip. I knew that my brain needed resetting somehow… More

What you did for my son was such a success. He’s kept clean and doesn’t want to take that stuff anymore. We are so grateful to you. Thank you so much. He only had one session of hypnotherapy and it’s made him so different as a person.  C.S.

Thank you, Barbara! I was so anxious about that job interview and as you know I couldn’t even face turning up for it the first time. I was lucky to get a second chance and even luckier to have a session of hypnotherapy. It was just as you said it would be. I actually enjoyed the interview and I got the job! Thank you so much. H.B.

My dyspraxia was isolating me and I had problems socialising. After one session of hypnotherapy, I applied for a job and got it. My confidence was soaring. Now I have an active social life. I’m so much happier. Thank you, Barbara. M.G.

I struggled, for years, with failed attempts to lose weight, and an unhealthy relationship with food. In a few months, after a session of hypnotherapy with Barbara, I lost all the weight I wanted to, and feel much better as a result. L.F.

After suffering miscarriages, I was both delighted and daunted when I discovered I was pregnant. I had a session of hypnotherapy with Barbara, and had a relaxed pregnancy, culminating in the birth of my beautiful son. A.G.

Barbara helped me with a fear of water. I was too petrified to go anywhere near water but now, after a session of hypnotherapy, I’ve walked along the beach with the spray from the waves hitting me and enjoying every second of it. It’s fantastic! B.B.

I had a French test at University and I was extremely anxious about it. I had a session of hypnotherapy with Barbara via Skype and felt completely differently about the test. I was relaxed and confident and I actually enjoyed taking the test. It was amazing! Because of the time difference, it was late in the evening for Barbara, but she was still happy to accommodate me. I can highly recommend her hypnotherapy via Skype.  J.C.,  Arizona