Hypno – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be aware of what’s happening?
Yes. You will be aware of what’s going on the whole time. 

Will I feel different either during or after the hypnosis?
The only possible difference is a feeling of relaxation, although not everyone experiences this. Sometimes, people experience a tingling sensation in their hands or feet as they begin to relax. 

I’ve been a heavy smoker for many years. How many sessions will it take for me to stop?
For the majority of people, one session is all that’s necessary, though some may need booster sessions. The only person who can tell whether or not you will need a booster session is you, the client.  

Can hypnotherapy really help with confidence?
Absolutely. A client of Barbara’s was extremely nervous about interviews and had even run out of an interview because she was so anxious. After one session of hypnotherapy, she faced a panel of interviewers with ease and confidence, made the interview a two-way process and got her place at college! She actually enjoyed the interview, just as Barbara had said she would. 

Does the number of sessions needed depend on the severity of the problem?
Not at all. For the majority of people, one session is all that’s necessary, though some may need booster sessions. The only person who can tell whether or not you will need a booster session is you, the client. 

Bob had an excellent reputation. How do I know Barbara is as good?
Barbara was taught by her father and upholds, and promotes, his principles and technique. A number of people who were treated by Bob in the past have also been treated by Barbara and, without exception, they have all said that during the session, the style was so familiar, they could virtually ‘hear’ Bob’s voice. 

How much do you charge?
It costs only £80.00 for a private session, and most people will only need the one. However, although I always aim for complete success in one session, some people will need a second. You, alone, will know whether or not you need a second session, so the decision is entirely yours. 

If a group of people would like to be hypnotised together, the price will be reduced as follows:

2 people being hypnotised together £70.00 each

3 people or more being hypnotised together  £60.00 each 

Please note, if there is a group of you and you are being hypnotised individually, the usual price of £80.00 each will apply. There is no disadvantage in being hypnotised as part of a group, as Barbara will always work at the pace of whoever in the group takes longest to respond. Therefore, no-one ‘misses out’ in any way.  

At the time of booking an appointment, (either face to face or remote, such as Skype), a non-refundable deposit of £10.00 will be payable. Receipt of the deposit will secure your appointment.

Are there likely to be any side-effects?
There are no harmful side-effects or after-effects of any kind. It’s possible you may feel very relaxed, which is a bonus. 

Can anyone be hypnotised?
Yes, provided they want to be. Hypnotherapy is a way of inducing and prolonging a perfectly natural state of deep relaxation which is experienced, normally, by everyone on a daily basis.

I am 15. Can I be hypnotised?
If you are under 18, we will need the written permission of your parent or guardian, and would also like them to be present for the initial consultation. 

Can my child, aged 10, be helped with hypnotherapy?
Provided a child has a reasonable attention span, actually wants the help, and a parent or guardian gives written permission, there is no reason why the child can’t be hypnotised. 

Will I be able to drive after the session?
Yes. You will be fine to drive afterwards. In fact, it’s possible that your driving might even be improved, as you may be slightly more relaxed after the session. 

What method of payment do you accept?
Cash is preferred but a personal cheque supported by a valid guarantee card would be acceptable

Will you take control of my mind?
Absolutely not. You could, in fact, come out of the hypnosis at any time during the session if you wanted to. However, for the hypnosis to be effective, your complete co-operation will be needed. 

Would you be able to make me do anything I don’t want to?
No. Hypnotherapy shouldn’t be confused with stage hypnosis which is purely for entertainment. Hypnotherapy is a partnership between the therapist and the client, in which they work together to achieve an objective. 

Why do you specialise in helping people with dyspraxia?
I have a dyspraxic son and I am dyspraxic, myself. Therefore, I have a thorough understanding of the issues involved and have developed hypnotherapy programmes specifically to help people who are affected by dyspraxia.

What happens if I don’t come out of the hypnosis?
You could, in fact, open your eyes and ‘come back’ from the hypnosis at any time but, of course, for the hypnotherapy to be effective, you need to co-operate fully. It’s possible that you might become so relaxed that you fall asleep. This happens rarely but, if it should happen to you, you will simply wake up naturally. There is absolutely no possibility of you being ‘stuck’ in a state of hypnosis.   

Do you charge more for helping people to give up smoking?
No. The same aim of complete success in one session is used regardless of what the hypnotherapy is for, so the price is the same for all treatments. However, if at the end of the session, you feel that you would benefit from up to two more sessions, the price, as stated above, will apply.

Can hypnotherapy make a physical difference?
Yes it can. A client of  Barbara’s, suffering from heart problems, was unable to reduce his heart-rate to a normal level, even with hospital treatment. After one session of hypnotherapy, his heart rate had returned to normal when measured the following morning.