Dyspraxia Awareness Training

Barbara has a son who has dyspraxia and is, herself, dyspraxic and, because she knows how it FEELS to have dyspraxia, provides an excellent insight into the condition via her Dyspraxia Awareness training courses, workshops and talks.

Barbara has, in the past, run highly acclaimed courses on Dyspraxia Awareness at Thanet College, in Kent, but is also available to provide courses, workshops and talks tailored to your requirements, whether they are for professionals, such as teachers, healthcare professionals etc. or for employers, family members or, of course, for people who may have dyspraxia and would like to find out more about the condition.

Please contact Barbara for further information. info@bneill-hypnotherapy.com or 07926 994820.  

In a training session at East Kent College on Dyspraxia Awareness, Barbara’s course was given top marks for presentation, usefulness and relevance by every student in attendance! 


  For more information on Dyspraxia:

  “Dyspraxia and Hypnotherapy” by Barbara Neill

  Now available, from Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions.