Dyspraxia and Hypnotherapy

In addition to Dyspraxia Awareness training, in her capacity as a professional Hypnotherapist, Barbara has developed a range of programmes, effective in helping people who have dyspraxia to minimise, (or eradicate), some of the difficulties associated with the condition.

One of Barbara’s dyspraxic clients had this to say:

“Thank you so much. It has worked really well and I now feel a lot more relaxed and calmer in newer situations and I’ve got my sleep back which is such a relief to wake up feeling refreshed every morning and ready to start the day. I’ve got a job now and I’m really enjoying working there and the people I am working with. The interview went so quickly I don’t even remember it but I remember that I had never felt more calm and focused…ever in any similar situation. I now see myself being the encourager to all my friends in having them try something new, which is a complete role reversal. Many thanks again and I’ve been recommending hypnotherapy to those who I know will really benefit from it so they can feel the same way I do.”

Barbara is also one half of T2D – The Two Dyspraxics and, together with Matthew Munson, has made many videos related to issues around Dyspraxia, which can be viewed on The Two Dyspraxics YouTube channel. The Two Dyspraxics also have a supportive Facebook group; Dyspraxia.