Comparatively little is known about this condition and it is often, incorrectly, confused with dyslexia, (which affects a completely different part of the brain).

It is believed that up to 10% of the population have dyspraxia, which can cause problems with co-ordination, visual processing and spatial awareness, as well  as numerous other difficulties.

Barbara would be delighted to hear from anyone who has, or believes they may have dyspraxia, or knows someone who may be affected. Here is a checklist of signs and symptoms that may indicate dyspraxia:

Is this YOU?

(or someone you know) 

Difficulty with:

Tying shoelaces

Riding a bike

Catching a ball

Eating (without being messy or VERY slow)

Locks and keys

Finding your way around

Getting organised

Writing quickly and legibly (note taking)


Short-term memory

This list is, by no means, definitive and you won’t necessarily have all of the signs and symptoms of Dyspraxia but if you, (or someone you know), might be affected, it is highly likely that Barbara’s hypnotherapy will be able to help.


For more information on Dyspraxia:

“Dyspraxia and Hypnotherapy” by Barbara Neill

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