Dyspraxia and Hypnotherapy

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This book gives a valuable insight into the nature of dyspraxia and some of the associated difficulties, by describing how it feels to be dyspraxic.It also describes how hypnotherapy can make a positive difference to those who have the condition. Barbara Neill has an intimate knowledge of dyspraxia. Not only does she have a dyspraxic son and has experienced dyspraxia from the point of view of a parent, she is also dyspraxic, herself.It is written clearly and concisely, deliberately avoiding ‘jargon’, making it an easy, informative and enjoyable read.
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Dyspraxia and Hypnotherapy reviews

Combines factual information and personal experience in an easy to read and friendly format
“I have worked with children who experience learning difficulties, for the last twenty years and, as a school Inclusion Manager, am constantly on the look out for new research information and new intervention strategies.Dyspraxia or DCD is an area that receives, as the author states, very little press and does not benefit, as do other learning difficulties, from a plethora of books offering information and advice. Often information relating to Dyspraxia is delivered via texts or courses in a rather functional way and omits to fully explore the emotional aspects of this difficulty. This book addresses that issue very well. The author is correct to point out the overlap of difficulties with other specific learning difficulties and as more information becomes available we have seen that the comorbidity of difficulties are somewhat more than was initially perceived.- read this book – it is inspiring and uplifting.” Lynn 
Good, easy read and explanation of dyspraxia
“I read this book in about an hour – it’s very easy to read and a great explanation about what Dyspraxia is and the issues someone with Dyspraxia might face. I recommend it to anyone who wants an introduction to what Dyspraxia is all about.”
Orla Palmer
Great book!
“This book describes what Dyspraxia is and shows how hypnotherapy can help! I am dyspraxic myself. Barbara Neill inspired me to go into the hypnosis field!”
Gary M. Gierach 
A cohesive, coherent, informative read
“About time! An informative book on dyspraxia BY a dyspraxic person. More of this please, preferably this engaging and interesting author.”
A Kindle customer

Working with Dad

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Bob Neill, was a pioneering hypnotherapist, whose gift was discovered as early as 1943. In “Working with Dad” Bob’s story is told in his own words.
Bob was always open to discovering his gifts and, with his guidance, Barbara has followed in her father’s footsteps. She relates some of the remarkable occurrences in her life, from encounters with angels, a near death experience and some amazing synchronicities, to her training as a hypnotherapist, when she built upon the foundations of her father’s technique.
Although, he passed away in 2006, Bob’s legacy continues. “Working with Dad” will tell you how.
Paperback and Kindle editions now available from Amazon. .

Working with Dad reviews

Working with Dad (A true inspiration)
“A wonderful insight into Barbara Neill’s life and into the life of her truly remarkable and funny father as beautifully told in her and her fathers own words. I had the honour of knowing Bob myself when he taught me Hypnotherapy, and this book is a great tribute which shares with the reader his antics in his service days and his vast talents including his inspiring career in Hypnotherapy. Bob’s and Barbara’s humour and warmth are felt throughout this charming and fun read.” 
James Whiting
The legend Bob Neill by his daughter Barbara Neill
“A wonderful tribute from a daughter to her beloved father. I have heard nothing but praise for this inspirational man who, I sadly wasn’t able to meet in person but having read the book feel that I know him very well. Humour, intelligence and compassion spills out of this read making it a joy to read and unputdownable. This book would appeal to anyone whether they are interested in complementary therapies or who just want a frank account of someone’s National Service experience, showing his extraordinary talent and natural progression into a field relatively un-tapped in those early years.”
Sue Spiel
Easy read book. Thank you.
“I have enjoyed being able to ‘dip my toe’ into parts of the family history. Barbara, your father comes across as a truly gentle man and it is pleasing to know you are following in his footsteps.”
Mrs L A Bagnall